CNC Punching

CNC turret punching creates shapes in sheet material by successively punching a series of basic shapes such as circles and rectangles. the basic shapes are selected from a rotating turret under CNC control. Edges are usually very good due to the shearing action. CNC turret punching can produce 2D shapes including cutouts. It is best suited for custom enclosure metal boxes / brackets, from panels, boxes ,etc . CNC turret punching is a cost effective method for cutting sheet steel in moderate to long runs. It has vast tooling potential for the increased versatility. This means ability to produceĀ  variety of components without re-tooling . This results in significant saving in production cost and noticeable increase in productivity. This has a great impact on job work cost and so we able to do job work with excellent quality at affordable cost. We have a large stock of the tools required for turret punch press operation. It is ideal for repetitive jobs.